Express Mail Transportations


  • Esperia Travel has an organized parcel service from Greece to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus,  Kazakhstan and vice versa.
    • The consignment with our help is the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way of sending your parcels.  Home delivery is also available
    • We transport domestic appliances and other items from your place of residence to Greece to your place of residence in Ukraine (door-to-door).
    • The cost of sending a parcel is proportional to its weight, dimensions and packaging.

    Select the parcel service using Esperia Travel and earn:

    SPEED: the parcel will reach its destination within 3-10 days in Ukraine, 10-20 days in Belarus and 15-20 in Russia and Kazakhstan. Delivery time depends on the city of destination.

    SAFETY: Packages are loaded, sent and received under the supervision of our experienced and above all our trusted staff. A computerized shipment management system that uses bar-code contributes to the avoidance of mistakes and tracks the parcel at any time until it reaches its destination.

    MONEY SAVING: Only Esperia Travel can offer you delivery services at a low price

    PACKING- Items to be sent, should be packed in strong cartons. The packing can also be done in our office.

    CUSTOMS PROCEDURES – Under the legislation, each package will be accompanied by a special form (customs declaration) in which the contents will be listed (the completion is very easy and our qualified staff is at your disposal for any further assistance).


    1. Flammable materials (gaskets, etc.)
    2. Drugs
    3. Alcohol
    4. Tobacco products (cigarets – cigarettes, etc.)
    5. Furs
    6. Guns
    7. Any kind of merchandize (Merchandize  means  when from the same type there are more than 5 pieces)

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