Kapsia Cave

Experts have placed it on the elite list of 10 most remarkable caves of the Greek territory. Located in the region of the enclosed geological basin of Mantinea’s plateau it is associated with the complex system of natural sinks that characterise the aquifer. Since the day it was discovered, people from all over, and come to witness the works of the earth and the early human shelter. For here, in these caves of endless beauty, human bones and everyday utensils made of clay were found. The history of the land and the history of man are magically intertwined.

One section of the Kapsia cave is called “the chamber of wonders” Bursting colours, red and yellow and blue create a unique work of art of incomparable beauty made by nature. Stalactites and stalagmites, waters that stay still in the serenity of the earth, colours and patterns and the soul of the planet create a reality that is beyond anyone’s imagination.


Agia Fotine’s church

Near the city of  Tripoli, almost next to ancient Mantinea, the visitor encounters an original church, that of St. Fotini. The architecture and its materials, make this church unique as it blends elements of ancient Greek culture and Byzantine art. The building is a live example of the transition from the Twelve Gods of Ancient Greeks to Christianity. The church was completed in 1978 and over the years has become one of the most famous sights of the area.


Panagia Kefalariotissa

This historic church of extreme beauty is situated on the east part of the village, at the foot of Mount Chaon, and most impressing, it was built inside a cave. It is dedicated to Panagia (Mother of God). It measured 16 m. of length, 6 m. of width and 4 m. of height. 9 out of the 16 metres of its length were inside the cave. The 50 m. long aisle of the temple, reaching the innermost depths of the cave and resembling a cathedral’s roof, shall impress even the most demanding of visitors. An adjacent cavity in the rock, where water springs, has been transformed into a chapel. At the mouth of the cave, a more contemporary temple has been built, a shrine for pilgrims, the temple of Zoodochos Pege (Life-giving Spring).


Price: 18 Euro (The entrance fees to cave are paid additionally).

Departure: March 3, at 08:00 from our office (Viktoras Hugo 48-50, metro Metaxurgio)

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