Patras Carnival

The most popular carnival celebration in Greece is about to begin and is expected to be more exciting than ever! Patras Carnival, which both locals and tourists attend, is always filled with color, music, and dancing! What’s more, this event is also ideal for the whole family as it includes a variety of activities for everyone.

The Grand Parade, which is held one day prior to Clean Monday, is the biggest party of the year! Stunning floats and people dancing with their fancy costumes fill the streets of Patras. What’s more, except for the 40,000 people that take part in the parade, there are even more spectators that watch the parade. If you are ready to have loads of fun, to dance and to live a different experience, this is a must event!

Price: 15 Euro.

Departure: March 10, at 08:00 from our office (Viktoras Hugo 48-50, metro Metaxurgio)

You can book a place or get more information about the trip by calling

210-52-42-736, 6948237807

* minimum number of participants – 30 people